Are you thinking about getting into a career as a welder, trying to improve your skills, or looking to tackle a DIY welding project? There are a lot of methods to learn welding skills and fundamentals, but one of the best places to start is with books or reference guides. You can also find a lot of the deeper, more technical welding books on the American Welding Society publications library. While there is no substitute for trade school or hands-on experience, welding guide books give you access to a deep level of knowledge for an affordable price. Having a book written by an experienced welder gives you immediate access to the author’s years or decades of experience. Even after the first read, it’s nice to have it as a reference to answer any questions you may have moving forward. 

Best Welding Books

Great…you’re sold on the value of welding books. Now how do you know which ones are worth the time and money? We’ve ranked our favorite welder book for each category including beginners, advanced, value and more. If you want to skip the explanation and just get to the answers, here is our quick list: 

Welding Books by Category: